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When Two Worlds Collide ~ Chapter 1

Title: When Two Worlds Collide
By: MrsNicholasJ
Category: Drama/Hurt/Angst/Loss/Romance
The Jonas Brothers have taken the world by storm. Then suddenly a terrible accident takes place, and they disappear, the news only saying that they're having a break from their normal lives. They suffer from a near death experience where they lost someone incredible close to their hearts, their parents. No one knows where they are, fans are loosing their hopes as their favorite band don't fill magazines or the TV screen anymore. That's they day they find out they need to start over again, far away from their precious home and country. Trying to deal with their loss, the hurt and sorrow, they come to meet someone who changes their lives forever. But can these normal and random people help them and fix them again? Will they ever handle to do what they desire most here in life, music? And will stronger feelings and bonds develop eventually? Can they move on? Here comes the story of a world famous band who got their biggest nightmare come true.
-Tragedy, Loss, Hurt, Angst, Sorrow, Drama, Hope, Love and Lust!

Disclaimer: I don't own the Jonas Brothers, or anything else!


A/N: I'm new here on LJ and I don't know how everything works just yet. But I'm trying to figure it all out. I decided on posting my fanfiction story here now, which I've been working on for a while. If I'd get some response It'd be awesome, and then I'll keep updating. Here's the first chapter of When Two Worlds Collide!

Link: When Two Worlds Collide ~ Chapter 1


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