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 Sunday morning
My brothers and I always get up early on Sundays when we don't have time to go to a worship service, we have our own where ever we are. Unfortunately, this morning, I had quite a bit of trouble getting up. It might have been because of the sleeping angel that was clinging to me in her sleep. I'd really rather just stay in bed and watch her sleep, but my brothers had another plan.
    "UP UP UP!" Joe yelled as he banged on my door. I groaned and chucked my pillow at the door.
"GO AWAY!" I yelled back. Trisha groaned and snuggled her face into my shoulder.
    "DUDE! UP NOW OR I'M THROWING YESTERDAY'S UNDERWEAR AT YOU!" Joe threatened. That got me up. I carefully untangled Trisha's limbs from my own and walked quietly across the room to the door and opened it. Joe was standing there with 2 cups of coffee, one half empty, which was probably his, and a full one, black, most likely for me. I grabbed the full cup and sipped it... mmm... coffee... "Dad said 5 minutes, so hurry up." Joe said. I nodded and sipped my coffee again... mmm... not as good as Starbucks, but still good. I didn't have the heart to wake my sleeping beauty, so I left her a note that I would be back at ten to see her before the sound check.
    A few hours later - DEMI POV
    Shopping is always so much fun. Especially when you're with 4 of your favorite girlfriends, and your wonderful boyfriend's credit card... oh the fun I could have with that thing. Trisha, Andy, Aly, Jordie and I were all walking arm in arm in the mall, trying to find accessories, shoes, makeup and other stuff to complete our outfits for tonight. We already had our dresses, thanks to Aly's smart thinking the other day. All the stores were sold out or carrying stuff that none of us would be seen in (Seriously... who would wear a chartreuse dress with ruffles and lace?) We decided to go inside Victoria's Secret... because apparently everyone needed new... well, you get the idea to match our dresses.
    After we got all of our stuff, we got back into the limo and headed to the spa to get ready. The second we stepped out of the limo, we were greeted by what seemed at least half the staff and ushered into our own private suite to be primped, pampered and styled for the show.
    We're finally on our way to Pasadena. Instead of our limo that we had for the day, which was actually with the girls, we had a blacked out Tahoe. We followed Tonya's directions and pull in to her driveway and to the back of the house to hide it. We actually made it to the house about five minutes ahead of schedule. Tonya had left the back sliding glass door unlocked for us so we could get in and set up and then hide so we wouldn't be seen until it was time for us to make our presence known. We grabbed our stuff and went inside.
    After we were ready to play, I grabbed my phone, "Okay, Tonya sent us the list of her daughter's top five favorites songs that we do.  Let's see..." I was interrupted by the sound of tires coming to a stop in the driveway. "Guys!! They're here, down this hall, second door on the right, that's where we can hide." It was a spare bedroom so we weren't in a confined space. We left the door opened slightly so we could hear the verbal cue from Tonya.
    "Mom, why are there two guitar stands in the family room?" I'm guessing that was the birthday girl, Heather.
"Gee, I don't know where they came from. I wonder where they came from?" That's our cue.
    We had this little bit planned out. Joe walks out first and sings the first line of the song, "Happy birthday to you", then, Nick steps in with a two part harmony for the second line, "Happy birthday to you", and I come in on the next one to make our unique three part harmony and we finish the song all together, "Happy birthday, dear Heather, Happy Birthday to you".
    The next thing we knew was Heather screamed and passed out. Okay, this was a first for me, at least, to actually see a fan pass out because of being near us. We all tried to help. We all asked if she was okay, and Tonya reassured us that she was fine just overexcited. Joe picked her up and walked her over to the couch  and laid her down while Tonya got a cold compress for her forehead.
    About five minutes later, she started to rouse. "Mom, I just had the weirdest dream. I dreamt that you got the Jonas Brothers to sing to me for my birthday." She sat up and opened her eyes. "Surprise!!" we said in union. This time, she didn't faint, but she did scream, a little louder than the last time.  She started talking real fast. "Heather, sweetie, calm down.."
    "But, Mom, The Jonas Brothers are standing in our living room!!"
"And if you don't chill, they're not gonna sing any more for you."
    She blushed. "I'm sorry. It's very nice to meet you guys."
"It's okay, Heather. How about a JoBro group hug?" And before she knew it, Joe had put an arm on one of her shoulders and Nick was on the other side while I connected my brothers and we squeezed together. Heather looked like she was the happiest person in the world at that moment.
    After we played though her favorites, which were 'S.O.S.', 'Burning Up', 'When You Look Me In The Eyes', 'Please Be Mine', and 'Hold On', we still had time to play some more, we played a few more songs. We played 'Tonight' (We're playing it tonight and practice make perfect) and 'Got Me Going Crazy'. We were going to stop there, but she asked Nick to play 'A Little Bit Longer', but as we all know that when Nick sings that song he's at the piano, and he was about to say that he could try it on the guitar, when Heather grabbed his hand and pulled him into the other room where there was a black baby grand in the foyer. "You can play here." Heather beamed. So Nick sat down at the beautiful piano and played his song.
    After we had cake and ice cream and signed a few things, we had to leave. "Thank you guys so much for coming!! This has been the best birthday ever." 
    "Wait, I forgot something in the car. Be right back." I ran to the car and grabbed a extra acoustic guitar that I brought. It was a plain black Gibson that I had had for a while and I had several, so I figure why not. As I neared the door, I yelled "Heather, close your eyes and don't open them until I tell you."
    After Nick and Joe had confirmed that her eyes were closed, I walked in with the guitar and a silver sharpie. I motioned to the guys to sign and they came and pushed me into the other room, Nick holding his finger up saying that we would be back in a second.
    "Dude, you're going to give her one of your guitars?" Nick whispered.
"Hey, Tonya's really going out on a limb for us here. She didn't have to do this and I want to show her that we are going to more than uphold our end of the bargain."
    "Great idea, man," Joe replied, signing the guitar. After Nick and I signed, we walked into the other room.
"Okay, Heather, open your eyes now." She opened her eyes to see me holding the guitar out to her.
    "Is that for me?" she gasped. "Yes" I replied as she took it gingerly out of my hands. "Turn it over" Nick suggested.
She turned the guitar over and she gasped when she saw that we had signed it for her. She put the guitar on and swung it around her back and gave each of us a big hug. "Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthisisthecoolestbirthdaypresentever..." she went into supersonic mode again. 
    As Heather stayed inside to play with her guitar, we walked out with Tonya. "Well, if you guys didn't deserve this now, I don't think you ever will." She pulled a box out of her car, filled with the five copies of the book. There was an envelope with our names on it laying on top. "What's this?" I asked.
    "It's a little something extra for you guys, after that, you really do deserve it." she smiled. I opened the envelope to reveal...
"NO WAY!!!!" I couldn't believe that she had also gotten us tickets to the premiere of the Twilight movie that was set for next weekend and there was enough for us all to go, all ten of us. I showed them to the guys. "How did you swing this?" Joe asked.
    "The author and I have been that that," crossing her fingers to illustrate her point," since we were five and like I said, you guys deserve it after making my girl so happy. Thank you."
    "Hate to stop this but if we don't leave now, we're gonna miss our appointment with Calvin Klein. " Nick said. We all gave Tonya a hug and ran to the car and blazed back to LA.

    About 3:00 - Demi's POV

I can't believe we look so fabulous! We just left the Spa ready for the award show. The driver told us that we had one more stop before we were to go to the awards. I can't figure what it is because the boys said that they would meet is there. We pulled up in front of Calvin Klein. Were we supposed to pick something up for the boys? "What are we waiting on?"

    Kevin's POV - A few minutes earlier

"Argh!" I hear from where Joe was getting ready.
"Dude, what wrong?" I say but as I come around the corner, I couldn't help but laugh. Joe whirled around with makeup pad in hand trying to cover up the mark on his head. I'm not sure if he noticed, but, the color of cover-up that he was using didn't match his skin tone at all. And this isn't one of those color thingies that only a gay makeup artist would notice. No, he was using CHOCOLATE BROWN.
"Hey guys. What's so... BWAHAHAHA!" Nick burst into laughter as he walked into the room. Joe pouted.
"Is it REALLY that bad? Maybe I should use more cover up..." Joe lifted the pad to his face, but before he could put it to his face, Nick had snatched it from him.
"Now, Joey, you don't want to put so much of that on." Nick started looking at me for a way to explain why. I shook my head. I can't really come up with an excuse for why not.
"Why, Nicky?" Joe asked. Nick opened and closed his mouth several times, kind of resembling a fish... a curly haired fish...
"Because you'll look too much like a girl?" My voice raised an octave or two at the end of my sentence. Joe sighed and put the cover-up on the counter.
"I guess that you're right." He admitted. "I mean, look at me already, with my girly thighs... and my soft and bouncy hair." He shook his head slowly, like in one of those horrid shampoo commercials, to prove his point. I rolled my eyes in response. Whatever you WANT, Joseph...
"Hey Kev... " Nick said quietly. I looked at him, and he motioned towards the window. I looked outside and saw that the limo, that was containing the girls, had arrived. I looked at Joe, who still had his face half covered in what looked like chocolate and sighed... One of the girls in there had to have a cover-up that matched Joe's complexion... right?
    Trisha's POV- Meanwhile...
"Um... excuse me... driver?" Demi asked through the little window separating us from the driver. "Why are we here?" Instead of answering verbally, he motioned towards the building. All our heads snapped to the side and watched as Joe, Nick and... sigh... Kevin...walked out and towards us. The driver got out and opened the door for them, and they slid themselves in, all looking like they'd just walked off the runway... except for Joe. I swear to God, I have never laughed so hard in my life. At least one fourth of his face was covered in mocha colored cover-up.
"What. did. you. do. to. your. face?" I asked, laughing between each word. Joe looked at me in confusion.
"What do you mean?" He asked. Demi rolled her eyes and pulled a mirror out of her purse and held it up for Joe to see his reflection. Joe grabbed the mirror. "I don't see what the big deal- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Joe screamed like a little girl, making everyone laugh.
"How could you not have known?" Demi asked. Joe shoved the mirror away. "Didn't you look in the mirror while putting it on?"
"Well... you see... Jordie taught me how to put cover-up on without looking in the mirror!" Joe exclaimed, pointing at Jordie.
"You never know when you're going to need to put makeup on sans mirroire." She said, her voice fading into a flawless french accent. I had to admit it, she was right.
Demi groaned. "Ugh, just come here... I'll fix it." She said, pulling some cover-up out of her bag. "You're lucky that I always carry your shade around, just in case." Joe smiled, and she worked on fixing his big mistake. When she was done, she handed him the mirror again. Joe studied his face and grinned as widely as he could.
"Thanks, Demz, you're the best! I love you!" He said quickly, and then he hugged her. Demi stiffened automatically.
Oh-My-Goodness... He dropped the 'L' bomb...

Joe released Demi after two seconds after he realized that she was not returning his hug. "What's wrong, Demi?" he asked, with a look of genuine concern on his face.

"You... you mean it? You love me?" She asked sheepishly.

Joe smiled his signature smile and wrapped his arms around her. "Of course I do. I love you with my whole heart." To top it off, he released her and pulled her into a very passionate kiss. I watched Demi's face change from awe to surprise to pleasure. After about a minute, Kevin cleared his throat to remind them that there were other people there. They pulled away from each other, completely flushed (whether it was from the kiss or the embarrassment I'm not sure) Suddenly, it was really awkwardly quiet in the limo. It was... well... it was awkward.

"I'm bored." Jordie stated after a few minutes, but no one responded. Jordie rolled her eyes. "I'm booooooooooooooooored." She whined.

"What do you want us to do about it?" Aly asked. Jordie shrugged.

"I don't know... OH WAIT! I DO! Someone stole a cookie from the cookie jar! Nicky stole a cookie from the cookie jar!" She exclaimed.

Nick feigned shock and pointed at himself and asked "Who me?"

"Yes you." Demi, Aly, Joe and Jordie said together.
"Couldn't be!" Nick exclaimed.

"Then WHO?" We all asked together. Nick pondered for a moment and pointed at me.

"Trisha stole the cookie from the cookie jar!" He accused. I rolled my eyes.

"Who, me?" I asked.

"Yes you!" Everyone said together. This game went on until we arrived back at the Jonas household to pick up Cody and Drew. They got in and each sat next to their respective girlfriends. It was great that we were all dating, so that no one ever felt like the third wheel. Not that they ever really would. We were so tight that it wasn't even funny... Though I don't really get why that would be funny.

For our dresses, we all were wearing completely different styles. Jordie, Andy and Aly had gone the more vintage route, and even there were wearing different eras. Aly was dressed in a black 1920's flapper dress Aly's Dress, which looked amazing on her. Jordie had gone for the 1960's look, and let me tell you, she looked like she had just walked off the set of Hairspray, but it worked for her. Jordie's Dress Her dress was a light yellow, and she called it 'the cupcake dress'. Andy had gone for a 1940's dress. It was by far my absolute favorite dress. It was leopard print on top, and then a dark green for the rest of the dress. Andy's Dress

Demi's dress was... different... in a good way. It was made with beige, black and purple sheer fabrics layered on top of each other, and there was a belt around her midsection. It was a really nice dress. Demi's Dress

For me, I had decided that you could never go wrong with a strapless, classical, little black dress. Trisha's Dress It wasn't so short that I had to worry about anything showing, but it was short enough for Kevin to be staring at my legs, which I had called him on a few times. He didn't deny it.

Finally, we got to the red carpet for the AMAs. Our chauffeur opened the door for us, and we each exited, one by one, and then started to walk down.

"Ow! Darn!" I heard, and then I heard someone fall behind me.

"Joe? Are you okay?" I asked behind me. I heard him chuckle.

"Of course I am, but you should be asking Nick the same question." He responded. I turned my head around to see what he meant. There, face down on the ground with one foot still in the limo, was Nicholas Jerry Jonas. I had never seen him fall before. The cameras never saw it though because we were all positioned where no one could see Nick's klutzy moment, which are very few and far in between. Aly helped him gracefully up so it looked like he was getting out of the limo. After making our way down the red carpet, answering a million questions, posing for even more pictures and making it to our seats, Joe whined in mine and Demi's ears,"Why is it that Nick can have a one totally embarrassing moment and everyone miss it and all of mine are seen?" We giggled. "Joe, don't worry about it. Your accident prone-ness is a part of who you are and everybody loves it about you." I replied. "Me especially." Demi chimed in, pulling him close and giving him a peck on his nose.

Taylor's POV
Ever since Joe broke up with me, It has been so hard to sing my current single, Love Story, which I had written with him in mind. And tonight, I have to perform at the AMA's with Joe watching... And her... I couldn't even bring myself to say her despicable name. I have to get him back! But how... I know what I'll do. I'll sing 'White Horse' to make him think that he can never have me, and that will make him want me again. They have this swing set up for me to sit on when I sing and I got them to make sure it was facing toward Joe, saying that it's purely a stage preference for me. I really just wanted to see his reaction. I am so good! By the end of the night, Joseph Adam Jonas will be mine!!
The stage was dark just long enough for me to get on the swing and take my seat. They put a soft spotlight on me and the music started playing. I made an effort to look at Joe when I sang parts of the song but every time I looked at where he was sitting, he wasn't looking at me, or even listening for that matter. He's totally engrossed in that.....girl. Playing with her dull brown hair, kissing her manly knuckles. It was repulsive. So, I got off the swing and walked down a part of the stage that would get me closer to him to get his attention. But, yet again, I still didn't his attention! I did all I could do, and then walked off stage with some of my dignity intact. So, I waited for him backstage, and then as soon as he walked around the corner, I grinned like as Cheshire Cat. "Joey!"
    Joe's POV
That performance was absolutely CRAMAZING! (Crazy plus amazing) In all the times that we've performed 'Tonight' during the tour or any other time, we've never been as amazing as we were tonight. He he... tonight. We didn't have a single slip up, and the audience just pumped us up so much. I was waiting for Nick and Kevin to get dressed (They're honestly such girls) I decided that I would go walk around for a bit backstage. K2 and the Prez have my number. As soon as I walked around a corner and saw her hideous bleach blond hair, I tried to turn around and walk away.
"Joey!" Taylor squealed as she launched herself at me.

"Hey, Taylor... uh... Nice performance..." I said, trying to convince her that I was actually listening. Truth is, I didn't want to pay attention to her.
"I miss you."
    Taylor's POV
I could tell that Joe was trying to get away from me and back to her, but I just wouldn't have it. I promised myself that I would be back with Joe by the end of the night, and nothing was going to change that.
"Uhm, well... Tay- They're about to announce who won the award we're nominated for... Oh look!" Joe grabbed his iPhone from his pocket. "Hey Kev... what? They're announcing it now? Okay... bye. I've got to go..."

"Your phone is off." I observed. Joe looked at it and sighed.
"So it is..." He turned to leave.
"Joey! Wait!" I called. He turned back around. "I have to ask you something."
"What is it?" He asked, obviously annoyed. I saw her come around the corner and I grinned.
"Will you just kiss me already?" And then I knotted my hands in his hair and puled him into a kiss.
    Demi's POV
I stopped dead in my tracks. Taylor had grabbed Joe and pulled him into a kiss. I could tell straightaway that Joe did not initiate the kiss by the way he was standing. It was the same way he was standing when Rachael had tried to get back with him. Joe pushed her away and wiped his mouth on his sleeve. "Taylor!! What are you doing?"
I walked up to them and put my arm around his waist to prevent me from slapping her " I know exactly what she trying to do. She is trying to steal MY boyfriend! And it's NOT going to happen. I swear to god, Blondie, if you come after Joe and me again, you won't be able to tell the difference between your face and your pancreas."
And with that, I took Joe's arm and led him away from a stunned Taylor and toward our seats. "You're not mad at me, are you?" Joe asked quietly as soon as we were a good bit away from Taylor. I stopped and turned to face him. "What? Mad at you? No! Of course not! I saw the whole thing. I know that she was coming on to you and you made me proud the way you never wavered in your love for me." I was beaming until Joe place his finger over my lips while a huge smile came over his face. "Just shut up and kiss me."
    When we finally made it back to our seats (after trying to fix our hair and wrinkled clothing so that we didn't look like we'd just been making out), Nick and Kevin had already been back for a few minutes. "Where have you two been?" Trisha asked when she saw us heading over. "Demi solved the Taylor problem." Joe smiled widely. I slapped his arm lightly as everyone giggled. He had given us away. As we took our seats, Kanye West had just finished accepting his second award for the night and was heading backstage, and before anyone could ask what happened the announcer came over the sound system. "Now, here to present the T-Mobile Breakthrough Artist Award, she has starred in all three 'High School Musical' movies, Miss Ashley Tisdale!!!" Joe and Nick started switching seats so that they were sitting next to Kevin, who was on the end of the aisle. "We'll talk about it later." Joe whispered to everyone. As Ashley talked about the award and the nominees, Kevin told the rest of us that if they won (which I know that they will, despite their competition) that we should meet them at the back door because we were leaving early to get to the restaurant that they had gotten reservations at and so we would miss a bunch of the traffic leaving the venue. Drew and Cody assured them that they would get us all back there in time, and I immediately knew something was up. Trusting Drew and Cody to get us somewhere on time? That was like putting a drug addict in a room full of heroine and trusting him not to shoot up. Just then, Ashley's cell phone started going off, indicating that they had sent her the winner. "And here's the text message, now. And the winner of the T-Mobile Breakthrough Artist Award is Jonas Brothers!"
    "Quelle surprise." Jordie said sarcastically under her breath.
"We won!" Joe exclaimed. We each hugged the brothers in turn before they went on stage, of course, Trisha, Andy, and I gave them a kiss on the cheek. Kevin led the way to the stage and got the award. "Thank you so much everybody!!" Joe interjects,"Thank you very much!!" Kevin continued,"This is a dream come true. We have the best fans in the world." Nick finished,"We love you so much! Thank you!" Then Ashley led them backstage. While Jimmy was introducing the next performer, Drew and Cody motioned for us to head backstage. After 15 minutes of fighting our way though the throngs of celebs and backstage help, we finally made it to the backstage door. Just as soon as we made sure that we had all made it together, our big winners had just finished their last interview and had made their way to the back stage door. "Let's get in the car before we start celebrating." Nick said as we walked out in a single file line and got into our limo that was waiting for us there.

    Kevin's POV
    "Man, I can't wait for next weekend!" Cody said as we got into the limo. I elbowed him to tell him to shut up and gave him a look that said "shut up or I'll kill you". "What?" Cody asked. I motioned my head toward the girls and and he finally got it though is head what I meant. "Oh, what's going on next weekend?" Jordie asked. I interjected," Oh, Cody's got an audition next Friday." I lied to save our surprise and it worked.  "Right." Cody said quickly "For this... uh... Movie!" 
"A movie! Really? What's it about?" Demi asked. Crap, more people involved. "I don't know yet but it's for a DC movie." Cody added in very smoothly.
I hear a snicker behind me, "You can ACT?" We all turned and looked to see Nick trying not to laugh hysterically. Andy smacked Nick in the back of the head. "Nicholas Jerry Jonas, you apologize right now that was so mean."
But thankfully, right before Nick can say anything, the limo comes to an abrupt stop, causing everyone to get thrown toward the front of the limo. "Sorry about that," The driver said. By the time we all got untangled and straightened out, we had reached the restaurant, Spark Wood Fire Grill. It was different from Mr. Chow's and the Ivy (all those places that all the other celebrities go to) and everyone liked it. 
Our table was almost ready when we arrived, so we girls excused ourselves to the ladies room. 
    Kevin's POV

    As the girls left to go to the ladies room (Why must they always go together? Though, the timing was kind of ideal, I still ask myself WHY? Do their bladders have a timer or something?), I smacked Cody in the back of the head. "Dude, what were you thinking? You almost spoiled the surprise!" I hissed. Cody flinched.
"I'm sorry. It slipped." He whined.

"Dude, I'm sorry about what I said in the car. It wasn't cool." Nick said quietly.

"It's cool... Now what is it you do for a living? Sell chocolate bars door to door?" Cody joked. Nick grinned.
"Well you see..."
"We sell BRACELETS, idiot." Joe announced, and then we all cracked up.
"So, Kev, did you bring the stuff?" Nick asked me. I stared at him blankly.
"What stuff?" I asked.
"You know, the tickets and books..." Joe added. I looked at them in horror.
"I left them at home!" I exclaimed. Nick, Joe, Cody and Drew glared at me, and I started laughing.
"Kidding! Kidding!" I exclaimed. "I had them brought here earlier so we wouldn't have to worry about carrying them around all day. I had each book and a pair of the tickets wrapped with a ribbon and put under the table so we can reveal them later."
Nick laughed, "Dude, when did you get so smart?"
Before I had a chance to retort, I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist, "My Kevy has always been smart, what are you talking about?" Trisha quipped, as she lead the girls back to the foyer where we were waiting. "Thanks, beautiful." I said, turning to give her a kiss.
The host walked up at that moment, "Mr. Jonas, your table is ready. If you all, please, follow me."  Trisha unwrapped her arms around me to take my arm so I could lead her to the table. All the guys followed my example. We followed the host in a double line. It was Trisha and myself, Joe and Demi, Cody and Jordie, Drew and Aly and Nick and Andy. Our table was near the back, away from where the other customers would be sitting, giving us the privacy we only seldom received. We did like the attention, but it was weird to have someone filming you eat.
"Your server will be here in just a tick." The host said, and then he walked away. We all sat down.
"So, how did you guys get us in here on such short notice?" Jordie asked. "It usually takes so long to get a table, and this one was ready almost as soon as we got in. You can't have known for longer than, like, an hour that you'd won." She looked at Cody, widened her eyes and puffed out her bottom lip. Please Cody, don't fall for it, don't fall for it... I crossed my fingers under the table. Thankfully, our server showed up before Cody could say anything.
"Hi! My name is Abi and I'll be your server for the evening." Her hand flew to her mouth.
"Are you okay?" I ask. She slowly removed her hand from her mouth and said, "Give me a minute. I'll be right back." She took a few steps backwards and then turned and walked away very speedily. "Looks like we got another fan serving us tonight." Nick said.
"Who do you think she's a fan of?" I asked. Joe snorted.
"It's obviously me." He said pompously. "I mean, honestly, I'm Joseph Adam Jonas." 
"Uh huh... Cause everybody wants you." Demi said sarcastically. Joe winked at her.
"You do." 
"Keep in mind that I also want a hippopotamus for Christmas."
"Ha ha! Your girlfriend just compared you to a hippo!" Drew guffawed. Our waitress, Abi, reappeared, holding some menus against her chest. She paused, took a deep breath, and then walked back towards our table with a big, cheery smile on her face.
"Hi, sorry about that... I forgot your menus, silly me. So, here you all are." She said speedily. "Uh, and... I know this is kind of weird but... I'm kind of a REALLY big fan... and I was wondering if I can have an autograph?" She asked, her voice getting quieter and more rushed with each word. Joe reached into his jacket and pulled out a sharpie. 
"Where would you like me to sign?" He asked. Abi rolled her eyes.
"I don't mean you... I mean... Cody." She said dreamily. We all stared at her in shock.
"You DO?" Joe asked incredulously, with his jaw on the table.
"You do?" Cody squeaked. Jordie elbowed him in the ribs and he coughed. "I mean... You do, huh?" He asked deeply, and then flashed a grin at Abi. Abi started to fan herself with a spare menu, and Jordie growled quietly. Demi placed a hand on Jordie's arm and Jordie seem to chill. It's like they have a silent code to talk to each other. Creepy.... anyways, Cody scrawled something on his cloth napkin and went to hand it to her but pulled it back."Now you can have this but you have to do me one favor." Abi's eyes lit up like an overloaded Christmas tree, "S-s-sure." she managed to get out. "Please get me a new napkin?" Before Cody had even finished getting his silly request out, Abi bolted away and was right back with, not one but, two neatly folded napkins, her hands noticeably shaking. Cody switched with her and smiled his thanks. She looked like she was going to melt on the spot. I tapped her shoulder to try to bring her back to reality. "Oh my goodness. I'm so sorry. Here I am, acting like a stupid fan girl, when you guys are here to celebrate your win, right?" Abi motioned to me and my bros. We shook our heads yes and she continued,"Well, congratulations, and I'll leave you now to decide what you want to order." And with that, she was gone. When she thought that she was far enough away that we couldn't see or hear, she stopped, put her arms by her side, let out a deep breath and then she let out a tiny squeal, but I love watching the fans so I watched her leave and caught her little attempt to calm her self. After she went into the kitchen, I turned to see what had happened with Joe. He was still sitting there, flabbergasted, that the girl was more interested in Cody that him. It's not that he's vain or anything like that (okay, maybe just mildly) it's just the fact that usually every fan girl that he comes across swoons at the very sight of him, or even the mention of his name, and having one that just overlooked him caught him off guard.
"Guys, am I ugly?" Joe asked. 
"Uhh, yeah." Drew replied. We all started laughing, except for Joe. Drew looked around and frowned. "Dude, I'm serious! You looked like you got mauled by a panda!" Joe glared at him. 
"Well, at least I don't look like something that came out of a panda's-"
"Have you guys decided what you want to drink?" Abi asked as she cut Joe off.
After we gave Abi our drink and appetizer order and she had disappeared again, Drew spoke first, "Dude, I was kidding. Please stop sending me death glares. It's creeping me out."
"I'm not giving you death glares." Joe whined. "I just really have to pee." We all cracked up as Nick and Andy got up to let Joe out so he could go to the bathroom. 
    Joe's POV  
As I made my way back to the table, I bumped into Abi, our server. "Hey, wait!" I said before she ran away. She turned to face me. "Yes?" 
"Look, I know you like Cody but do you like me at all?" She giggled. "Actually, I like all of you guys, it just that I noticed Cody first and... Oh my, I am so sorry. That's why you're asking me this. I didn't mean it. You'll have to forgive me. When I get excited, I kinda get tunnel vision, and I just saw Cody first and, dummy me, was rude to my favorite Jonas Brother." I lit up and she blushed, realizing what she had just said. "Hey, now that you explained, we're cool." 
"Really?" she asked.
"Really really. Now, isn't there something you want to ask me?" I pointed to the cloth napkin that Cody had signed. She grabbed another one and handed it to me. "Can I have YOUR autograph, please?" 
 Kevin's POV 
 It took Joe longer that usual to get back, but before I could say anything, he had arrived at the table with a big smile on his face and once he got back to his seat beside Demi, he gave her a kiss on the cheek. "What happened to you?" Nick inquired. "Yeah, you were all mad and upset when you left and now you're all happy and giddy." Demi added. "Well, let's just say that Cody's not the only one here with a fan in the building."
"What?" Cody asked. "I bumped into Abi on my way back and we talked for a minute and she explained to me what happened, why she was fixated on Cody and blew the rest of us off."  
"Okay, what the rest? That can't be all of it, the way you're acting." I replied. Joe hesitated. "She said that I'm her favorite Jonas Brother." Nick and I shook our heads and laughed. "Dude, we usually don't care about that," Nick replied. "I know," he sighed.
"Well, we all know who my favorite Jonas is," Demi smiled. "Frankie's so cute." Joe scoffed. "Joe, you know Frankie's the cute one."
"He is the man." Nick added.
"He's going to be gorgeous when he gets older." Jordie said dreamily. Cody frowned and Jordie kissed him on the cheek. "Don't worry, I don't like younger guys. And I prefer blonds, they make me feel smart."
"Thanks... I think." Cody said confusedly. Jordie beamed and ruffled his hair.
"Don't worry about it. Just know that I'm smarter than you." She said with a smile. Cody's eyes went wide with horror.
"Oh gosh, I'm doomed."

After we finished our meal, we were just hanging out and talking. We never noticed Abi and a few other members of the staff show up with a cake. "On behalf of the staff and management, I'm here to give you guys a cake to say congratulations on your win at the AMA's tonight." It was a huge marble cake with chocolate icing and it had "Congratulations Jonas Brothers!!!" emblazoned in red on top. Nick eyed the cake like, 'oh man, I have had enough sugar today and I really want a piece of that cake.' But before Nick had a chance to say anything, Abi held a plate to Nick and said that they had a small sugar-free cake made just for him. It looked just like the big cake but it said "Way to go Nick!!!" on it. "Congrats guys!!" the staff cheered then left us to enjoy the cake. After we had demolished most of the cake, I spoke up, "I know it's a big night for us, so that you girls don't feel left out, we got you a little something special, but you have to close your eyes." The girls started to protest. "Ahh, no buts." Joe sternly added.   The girls gave in and and closed their eyes. I got up and pulled the box from where I had got the manager to hide it for me. I handed each of the guys one of the packages for the girls and took one for mine and sat down in my chair. Aly was the first to complain. "Come on, what's taking so long?" I smiled. "I only have two hands to work with here, give me a minute!" I teased. After making them wait for about a minute more, I finally gave the cue for them to open their eyes. Anticipating what we normally hear at our concerts, Nick, Joe and I did something we barely ever get to do (because if we did, we might hurt the fans feelings), we covered our ears. Not just covered, we shoved our fingers in. Poor Cody and Drew had never really had much experience with this, so they didn't know WHAT to expect. A high pitched scream multiplied by 5 rung out throughout the restaurant. Trisha was the first to put a whole sentence together. "How did you guys get these? They're not supposed to be out until Tuesday!!" I smiled. "Open the cover." They took the ribbons off and opened the books to reveal a plain white envelope. I nodded to the guys to prepare again. After another display of the girls' vocals, I spoke again. "We're going to the premiere of the Twilight movie next weekend." What happened next was in total synchronization. Each girl grabbed her guy and kissed him.  I must say that I think that they loved their surprise.  After a few wonderful moments, Trisha pulled away slightly and rested her forehead against mine and whispered," Thank you, baby. I can't believe you guys were able to pull this off." She sighed. "Did I mention how much I love you?" "I don't think you mentioned it but you certainly showed me." 

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