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 OK first things first, I'm soooo Sorry about the long wait but it will be well worth it I promise for two reasons. One, this chapter was also co-written by my best buddie, Jordiie!! Thanks so  much, girl. YOu mae this story so much better. I don't know what I would do without you!!! And Two, this chapter is over 21 (yes that is correct) TWENTY-ONE PAGES LONG!!!!
Kevin's POV
    The last two months have been crazy. Especially for Joe and Demi. The press had seen Joe and Taylor Swift together and started spreading rumors that Joe and Taylor were seeing each other and Taylor thought that Joe started it to say that he liked her. And let's just say it got worse before it got better. Taylor started getting clingy to Joe, but Joe didn't know that Taylor believed what the press was saying, he just thought that was how she was expressing her friendship with him. That went on for about a month. Then, last week, Joe called Taylor to ask her her opinion on a anniversary present for Demi. Taylor lost it. She called Joe and Demi a few choice words that I dare not repeat, though Cody and Jordie would be willing to repeat it, while adding some... colorful adjectives.
    Speaking of Jordie and Cody, they refused to part, so she decided that she would be staying with him for the remainder of his stay on the show. She and Julianne have been getting to the point of being almost friends, though Jordie did seem a little tense around her. When Julianne had to take a leave of absence due to her having to have her appendix removed, Cody talked Jordie into keeping Julianne company while she was recuperating at home. Jordie was reluctant at first but she knew it would make Cody happy to hang out with his out-of-commission dance partner. After the first couple of days, Jordie and Julianne really hit it off and now they are the best of friends. After they got kicked off during the semi-finals, (Cody will hate me for saying this but...) they all cried backstage after the show was over. They ran the media circuit and then went back for the finale. After that, Julianne went back to Nashville to work on promoting her album and Cody and Jordie joined us in Los Angeles for the AMA's. We've been staying at our place in LA while we've started taping our show.     
    Getting back to the whole 'Jaylor' mess, Taylor had taken to victimising herself, saying that Joe had broken her heart. It's not his fault that she took his friendship the wrong way. Joe did not break up with her via phone nor would he have done that if they were going out... he's not THAT heartless (well, he has a pretty big heart, actually). On top of that, other big celebs believed Taylor's version of the story. Like Ellen, Taylor went on her show and poured her heart out to her and Ellen granted her wish to meet Justin Timberlake. Man, she was milking this for all it was worth. 
    We found out that we're nominated for an AMA, the T-Mobile Breakthrough Artist Award (we're going up against Paramore, Flo Rida, Colbie Caillat and The Dream.) Some of these guys are really good, but this award is voted on by the fans so we'll see what happens. We've also been asked to perform, which we gladly accepted. I mean, why wouldn't we? I think we're gonna do "Tonight" because, this isn't written in stone just yet, it's our next single. With Jimmy Kimmel as host, well... he's got a little more restraint than Russell Brand did at the VMA'
s, right? I mean, those cracks at our purity rings were kind of a low blow... funny the first time, and then they just got mean.
    Actually, Joe, Nick and I are on our way back to our place from being a guest and performing on Jimmy's late night show which is the night before the awards. Man, was it fun. So many of our fans were there. Both the studio and the Pontiac Garage, were we were going to perform was overflowing, and the building was completely surrounded. Oh, and did I mention that it was raining? Yeah, it was pouring and they acting like it wasn't, just jamming with us. We performed two songs. First was 'BB Good', which was broad casted in full on the show, but our second song, "Video Girl", the beginning was shown during the credits but they told us that the whole performance would be posted the show's site.
    As we made our way down the walkway, we could hear yelling and cheering coming from our living room. We all stopped and looked at each other. "What in the world is going on in there?" I pondered aloud as I pointed toward the door that lead into our house. Nick and Joe both just shook their heads and said, almost in unison, "I have no idea." (Kind of creepy... it's almost like they're twins sometimes...) We quietly snuck in the door.
    "Yeah!!! We won!!! Whoop!!!" we heard as soon as we opened the door. Joe and I looked at each other once we recognised the voices.  We all peeked around the corner to see Demi and Trisha congratulating each other, Aly and Andy were blaming each other for their loss while Drew was trying to calm them down and Cody and Jordie was laughing at the whole thing from the couch. "Well, guys, it looks like they started the party with out us." Joe said, to make our presence known. Everyone stopped and turned to see us walk in the room. 
    "JOEY!" Demi squealed as she launched herself at Joe, wrapping her arms tightly around his neck, and her legs were securely locked around his waist. Joe laughed. "You just missed Trish and I massacre Aly and Andy... IT WAS EPIC!" She exclaimed enthusiastically.
    "I bet it was." Joe said encouragingly. "It doesn't require that much skill to beat them." Uh oh, Joe... watch what you say... "OW! MY EAR!" ... or you just might get hurt... Demi had let go of Joe, and was currently pinching his ear between her recently manicured fingers. "MERCY! OW! DEMS! STOP IT!" He pleaded.
    "Take it back." Demi demanded. Joe whimpered and she twisted his ear.
"FINE! OW! YOU'VE GOT SUPER AWESOME MAD NINJA SKILLS! DEMS! LET GO PLEASE?" He yelled. Demi smiled sweetly and let go.
    "That's very nice of you to say, Joey." She said. Jordie started coughing, and I swear that I heard the words 'suck up' thrown in there. Demi must have heard it too, because she glared at Jordie, and then Jordie hid her face in Cody's neck. 
    "Do you guys mind if we play?" Nick asked. Andy tossed her wii controller to him. "Go ahead... they're unbeatable." She said with a pout. Nick hugged her.
    "No, they aren't... Not against the unbeatable beasts that are KE-NI-JOE!" Joe exclaimed. He and Nick high fived. "Uh, Joe..." I had to be the bearer of bad news "There are only 2 spare controllers." I pointed out. Joe stared blankly at me. "There are three of us." I said, motioning to me, Joe and Nick. Joe still stared blankly. I sighed and held my hands up in defeat. "Fine, you can play... I'll watch." I said. Of course, I didn't mind watching. Especially if Trisha was playing. She looked so cute when she was concentrated on something. 
    "Why don't we play Brawl?" Nick suggested. Joe looked at him from the corner of his eye and grinned. I grinned as well. We all knew, save for Demi and Trisha, that when Joe and Nick tag-teamed for Brawl (That's Smash Bros Brawl, in case you didn't know) they were an unstoppable force. They were like... a Gamma ray... only Chuck Norris could stop them....or so we thought.
    After three hours of battle, Trisha and Demi came out victorious, leaving the rest of us flabbergasted with our jaws on the floor. "Since when did you two master the game?" Demi walked over to Joe, placing her finger under his jaw, pushing it back into a closed position, " We've been practicing while you guys have been busy."
    "I thought that you two said that you were reading those Twilight books?" Joe wined. "We finished them weeks ago. They were so good." The rest of the girls voiced their agreement of Demi's statement. I'll have to remember that. "Yeah, we're waiting on 'Breaking Dawn' to come out!!" Demi happily replied, bouncing on the balls of her feet. "Yeah, 3 more days till it comes out!!" Jordie added.
   "That's cool." I replied. "Well, are we having movie night, or what? Girls, you can go get changed into comfy clothes, shower, or what ever you want. Just don't come out till we tell you to, okay? We'll take care of everything." I smiled as I ushered them into their room then pulled the guys together to emphasize what I saying. The girls looked at me like I had grown an extra head or something, but the guys had caught my drift and played along. Once they saw that we were serious, they conceded and closed the door to leave us to get ready.  "Okay, Kev, what's with the weirdness?" Drew asked. "Guys, I have an idea for a gift for the girls. It will take a little work but it will be well worth it."
    "Well, spill K2. What is this amazing gift that we could get the girls?" Joe impatiently asked. "Well, everyone go change, and then I'll tell." Before I had the last word out for my mouth, they had all dispersed. Three minutes later, we were all gathered in our room. "It's that book the girls were talking about that they are waiting on to come out, I thought we could try to get them an advanced copy for them." I quietly explained. I got whispers of approval for the guys. "Okay, so, while Drew and Cody get the DVD player ready and call in our pizza order, we'll be working on the gifts." 
    We had never used our fame to get us anything like this before, so we were kinda going in blind. While Nick and Joe were about to call our agent, I was thinking of ways to get to the author. About two seconds later, it dawned on me. "Tonya!!" I exclaimed. "Who?" Joe and Nick said, doing their twin-like thing for the second time tonight. "I met Tonya at a party a few weeks ago and she mentioned that she was best friends with Stephanie Meyers, the author of the Twilight books!! We can call her and see if she can hook us up!!"
    "Call her, call her!!" Joe urged me, but I had already dialed her number. Ring....ring 
"Is this Tonya?"
   "This is she. Who is this?"
"Hi, it's Kevin Jonas, we met a couple a weeks ago at the media mixer?"
     "Oh, you mean, Kevin Jonas of the Jonas Brothers?"
"Yeah, that's me! Listen, I have a small favor to ask."
    "Oh, okay."
"Didn't you say that you were close to Stephanie Meyers?"
    "Yeah, we grew up together. We're like sisters. Why do you ask?"
"My fiance, my brothers' girlfriends, and two of my closest friends are all Twilight fans, and I was wondering if you could talk Stephanie into getting us a couple of advance copies of 'Breaking Dawn'?"
    "Well, actually, I have a copy of the final draft of the book. How about a trade?"
"What do you have in mind?"
    "My daughter is a big fan of yours and her birthday party is Sunday afternoon and if you guys could come and play for her, I'll get you five copies of the book, and I won't tell a soul that you guys are coming so you can sneak in and out without being noticed but you have to promise me that you won't say or put out anything from or about the book until after the release date."
    "Where and when is the party?"
"Pasadena at noon. Why?"
    "Never mind, that will work. We have an early morning sound check, we'll swing by, do the party and grab the books, and we'll should have enough time to make back to Hollywood for our appointment with Calvin Kline to help us get ready for the AMA's later on." I had a smile that stretched across my face. Joe and Nick had been watching me for the past few minutes, with worried looks on their faces.
"That's great, I'll text you the info as soon as we hang up."
    "Thanks, Tonya, you're the best. See you Sunday!! Bye."
After I hung up with Tonya, Joe was like,"Dude, what's with the Demi impersonation? You almost have her smile down pat."
"I got the books!!"
"That explains it."
Nick was still a little sceptical, "What do we have to do?"
    "Do a small acoustic set in Pasadena on Sunday before the award show for Tonya's daughter's birthday party and don't worry, she not telling any one. The only people that will know is us, Tonya, her husband and Stephanie. So that means no press. The only kink I haven't figured out yet is how we're gonna get away from the girls."
    We all thought for a second before Joe clapped his hands together,"I got it! We're sending them to get ready for the awards anyway, we'll just tell them we have to be at the venue almost all day before hand to help with sound check. Then, once they're ready, the limo will pick them up and take them to Calvin Klein to pick us up. We'll go to the awards show and then instead of going to any of the after parties, we'll all go to a restaurant and have a late dinner and give them the books." Joe explained very quickly.  
    My phone buzzed during Joe's idea. It was Tonya's text with all the details. Nick still didn't think that it was going to work.
"Don't worry, Fro Bro!" I said, as I walked over and ruffled his hair and then sat down beside him. "The party is in Pasadena. We have our sound check at 10:30. Should be done about 11 then be at the party at noon. We'll stay till 1:30. Our appointment with CK is at 2:30, the limo can pick us at 3:30. We have to be at the AMA's at 4:15 at the latest and the show starts as 5." Nick was finally convinced that it would work. We went and told Cody and Drew the plans and they said that they would help on the girls end so that we wouldn't get caught.
     "GIRLS! YOU CAN COME NOW!" Joe yelled as we finished discussing all the details. We heard some giggles, and then the girls appeared wearing...
     "Are you girls serious?" Nick asked. All the girls were wearing 'Team Edward' T-shirts, except for Jordie, who was wearing a 'Team Jacob' shirt. I rolled my eyes. This obsession was getting slightly out of hand.
     "As serious as Bella and Edward." Demi responded. Jordie rolled her eyes.
 "She's going to leave him for Jacob." Jordie said matter-of-factly. She seemed to have hit a nerve, because all of the girls glared at her.
 "Says who?" Aly asked. Jordie smiled.
     "Says me!" She announced.
 "Listen, curly..." Andy started.
     "HEAR ME OUT!" Jordie cut her off. "If Bella's with Jacob, that means that Edward is free for the rest of you." She said. Instantly, all the girls squealed.
     "MY EARS!" Drew yelled over-dramatically.
 "So, what movie are we watching?" Aly asked, choosing to ignore Mr. Immaturity.
     "Camp Rock." Joe announced.
 "NO WAY IN HECK!" Demi yelled. Joe doubled over laughing.
     "I'm KIDDING!" He exclaimed. "I don't think I could watch that movie one more time without gauging my eyes out with a spork." We all nodded and mumbled in agreement.
 "What movie are we watching?" Nick asked. Now I was curious too. We all looked at Cody, because Drew was still being somewhat immature. Cody smiled and pulled a copy of 'Chicago.' Jordie squealed. Of course Cody would pick one of his girlfriend's favorite movies.
    "I love this movie." Trisha whispered in my ear. She had quietly made it to my side, which was normal now. She would come up behind me, wrap her arms around my waist and laid her head on my shoulder. It just felt so right, like our bodies were made for each other. I pulled her over to our spot on the couch and we got settled in for the movie. I sat against the arm of the couch and Trish laid down and put her head in my lap.
     After about 15 minutes into the movie, the pizza guy had finally showed up, but apparently, all the playing that Trisha had done had wiped her out and she was already sound asleep.  Joe and Cody got up to get the food. While they were up, I got Jordie to get a blanket for Trisha. Everybody else got up and got something to eat, but I didn't want to disturb my sleeping angel. I was going to get Nick or Joe to grab me one but before I had a chance to, Drew walked over to me with a slice of pizza. "Thanks man."
    After I finished the pizza that Drew brought me, I, too, was feeling drowsy, I very carefully picked Trisha up and went to carry her to my room. "Kevin!" Nick and Joe both whisper yelled at me. I turned to look at them. They held up their purity rings that graced their fingers. "She's already asleep and we both are waiting for our wedding night." "Just checking." They had those stupid evil grins on. I turned on my heel and walked into my room.
    I laid her on the bed and then I joined her, pulling her up against my chest and I heard her sigh contently. I was brushing my fingers through her hair and sleep finally took a few minutes later.

    To be continued



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