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Camp Rock: Behind the Scenes and Beyond
Chapter 37: Goodbyes, Blackmail, and Perceived Deception
A few days later - Jordie's POV
We're all at the airport to see Cody off before he heads off to LA for Dancing with the Stars. Everyone else has already said their goodbyes except for me. Cody grabbed my hand and pulled me away from the group.
When he finally stopped, he pulled me into he's arms and kissed me. It surprised me at first, which caused Cody to smile. I leaned into the kiss and was surprised again when Cody's tongue pressed on my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I instantly let him in and we kissed like that for several minutes.
"Flight 713 to Los Angeles, First class now boarding." was heard over the PA system. We pulled away.
"Well, if that is is goodbye, I can't wait for your hello back!" I whisper as we embraced. We held onto each other like we would never see each other again.
"I love you, Jordie."
"I love you too, Cody." It was like time stood still, just Cody and I just standing there in each others arms. Nick came round the corner, looking for us.
"Cody, Jor...Oh, uh Cody, your flight is about to leave." Nick felt bad for having to be the one break us apart. Even I felt bad for him. We went back to the gate so Cody could grab his carry-on and get on the plane. He gave me a quick kiss and told me he would call me when he landed. And with that, he walked to the tunnel that lead to the plane, turned back to wave at everyone and blow me one last kiss and got on the plane.
A few hours later - Back at the Jonas home - Joe's POV
After we got back from the airport, we settled down to watch a movie. About half way though my phone vibrated. I recognized the number but I did not want to speak to the person on the other side so I ignored the call. I, then, received a text from the same number.
Hey, baby. Why won't you take my call? I need to talk to you.
I hit delete and put my phone back on the table. "Who was that?" Demi asked.
"Oh, just somebody from LA." I lied, but she was satisfied with my answer. About ten minutes later, my phone rang again. It was her again. I figure that I should just talk to her and get it over with. As I went to get up, Demi asked where I was going and told her I had to take a call outside, that it was important and that I didn't want to disturb the movie.
"Oh, okay. Hurry back."
I stepped outside the front door and answered the phone. "What, Rachael?"
"Joe baby, why didn't you tell me you were in town?"
"Maybe because I never wanted to see or hear from you again."
"Awe! Now that's no way to talk to your girlfriend."
"You haven't been my girlfriend for over 3 years! Besides, I'm in love with someone else now."
"Oh, please tell me you didn't finally hook up with that Lovato chick after all this time." She didn't give me a chance to respond. "Whatever, just meet me at the Starbucks near your house in 15 minutes and come alone."
"Why should I meet up with you? I told you, I never want to see you again!"
"You will come and you will come alone or Little Miss Lovato will regret it."
"You lay a finger on her and YOU'LL regret it." I threatened.
She giggled. "Then, I guess you better get up here. You have 15 minutes and remember, come alone. Bye, sweetie." With that, she hung up. What am I going to do? After I composed a plan, I went back inside.
"Hey, guys. Making Starbucks run! Anybody want anything?"
I received a bunch of calls to get them their usual. "I'll come with you." Demi replied.
"Nah, you can stay. I can handle it." I gave her a quick kiss and ran out the door. I jumped in the car and started toward the coffee shop. I walked inside. She was waiting on me at a table just inside the door. Anyone could see what would happen so I have to keep my cool. She ran up to me, throw her arms around my neck and kissed me. I pulled her off of me. "What do you think you are doing?"
"Greeting my boyfriend, silly." And she tried to kiss me again. I caught her before she could connect with my lips again. 
"I told you, I'm not your boyfriend. Now, I have to order some drinks to go, then, we'll talk. But, once they ready. I'm gone." And I walked away. I really don't know what I ever saw in her. After I rattled off the order of nine drinks and paid for them, I went back to the table. "Now, what was so gosh darn important that you blackmail me into coming to meet you?"
"I want to get back together with you. I've loved you ever since freshman year. Please dump that "Demi-Diva" and come back to me." She whined. The sound of her voice made my skin crawl. I stood up.
"Look, I don't love you anymore, and I am very in love with Demi and I never want to see or hear from you again. You try to pull anything and I'm calling the cops. Goodbye, Rachael." I walked to the counter grabbed the drinks and walked toward the door. I think I heard her crying as I walked away, but it is probably just something to make me feel sorry for what I said, but I'm not. I meant every word. I love Demi. I'll have to tell her what happened...eventually.
Demi's POV - Just after Joe left
"I'll be back." I whispered to Trisha.
"Where are you going?"
"I'm gonna surprise Joe by going to the Starbucks to help him."
"That's sweet. Oh, and get me something chocolate while you're there."
"Gotcha. Be back in a few."
I grabbed my cell and walked out the front door. I knew Joe went to the Starbucks that was walking distance from the house, so I just ran to try to catch up with him. When I reached the store, Joe had just walked in. Then, there was this blond chick who ran up to Joe. What she did next infuriated me to no end. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him, full on. After two seconds of that, I was running back to the house, tears flowing. I knew it couldn't be a fan. Most of them scream first or walk up with either something to sign or a camera to take a picture. If she had screamed, he would have got back in the car and drove around for a little while to lose them before heading back to the house. If they just asked for a picture or an autograph, he would have happily obliged and finished what he was doing. But, she ran up to him like she knew him. And it didn't look like he was going to push her away. I burst in the front door and ran up stairs. I threw myself on the bed. I heard a knock at the door. "Demi, can I come in?" It was Trisha.
"Yeah," I sniffled.
"Hey, what happened?" She asked when she saw the tears pouring from my eyes. She came and sat on the bed and pulled me into a hug.
"Well, I think that Joe is cheating on me!!!"
"What? Why?" 
"When I got to the Starbucks, he was kissing another girl. She was all over him and he wasn't doing anything to make her stop. I couldn't watch so, I ran back here."
"That doesn't sound like Joe. I think something must be wrong, and I don't think that Joe cheating on you. He loves you too much. Why don't I go get Kevin and we can tell him what happened and he might be able to make some sense of this?"
I nodded and she left only to return with Kevin a few moments later. I told him what happened. "Wait, what did she look like?"
"She was just a little shorter than Joe with three inch heels on, blond curly hair, really skinny. She was wearing something that looked like a mix between a school girl and a hooker."
Kevin's eyes got huge, "It's her."
"Her who, Kevin?" Trisha asked before I could.
Kevin sighed, "It's Rachael, Joe's ex. You remember." He motioned to Trisha.
"Oh, yeah. The 'Blasting' Scene." Trisha replied. "She was probably trying to get back with him."
"It's her?" I angrily responded, remembering who Rachael was and what she had done to Joe.
Kevin nodded. "If Joe still feels the same way he did last year, which he probably does, he went to tell her off." There was another knock at the door. 
"Demi? Can I come in? I need to talk to you." It was Joe.
"We'll let you two talk." Trisha said, as she grabbed Kevin's hand to lead him out.
"It'll be okay." Kevin said before he walked out.
Joe stood in the doorway with our drinks in his hands, but he quickly sat them down when he saw that I had been crying.
"What happened, sweetie?" He sat beside me and wrapped his arms around me.
I took a deep breath and started to tell him what happened. "Well, I decided to follow you to help with the drinks and I saw that girl kiss you and..."
"Demi, let me tell you what happened first, so that you can understand what happened." I nodded in response. "The calls and texts that I got during the movie earlier, that was Rachael. I just blew the first couple off, hoping she get the picture, but she didn't. That's went I got up to take that call, I was trying to get rid of her, but she blackmailed me into meeting her."
"Wait a minute, 'blackmailed you'?"
"Yeah, she threatened to hurt you and I wasn't gonna let that happen." That made me feel better. He went to defend me, to make sure that she couldn't come though with that threat.
"So, that's why I made you stay here, I had to go alone, part of the threat. I had fifteen minutes to get to the coffee shop and I had to show up alone. Well, as soon as I walked in the door, she latched onto me and kissed me. I will admit it, because I want to be totally honest with you, it took me a second to register what happened. That's why I didn't block her from doing it. I didn't know that she would. I peeled her off me and she tried again, but that time, I successfully blocked her from doing anything. I told her to let me put the order in and then I would hear her out. But, what she wanted me to do, I would never do it, not ever."
"What was it?" I asked.
He took a deep breath, pulled me close and looked me in the eyes, "Break up with you."
"What?" I pulled back in surprise. He grabbed my hands and started rubbing his thumbs over the backs of my hands as he continued. He concentrated on my hands while he spoke.
"She wanted me to break up with you and go back to her. Those are two things that I never want to do; break up with you and let her back in my life."
I took my hands out of his and pulled his face to mine. "I'm glad." and pulled him into a kiss. 
"I'm glad that you're okay." he replied. "But, she may try to pull something to try to break us apart. I just wanted to let you know. I'm sorry that I had to be sneaky. I had good reason."
"I know. But, next time, let's work it out together, okay?"
He grabbed my hand in his and put it to his lips and kissed it, "Together, I promise." 


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