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Andy - JoBrosCupcakeSwirl does not own any actual people performed in the movie Camp Rock or anything that has to do with Camp Rock, just the plot and her OC's! She also does not own any of the songs!

~Thanks, Andy! On With The Show! To those of you who helped with this chapter, and you know who you are, thanks bunches!!! Here's the link to pics of the gifts. http://picasaweb.google.com/pmkellogg/EngagementGifts?authkey=SeDtN3pu5_A

Camp Rock: Behind the Scenes and Beyond
Chapter 34 - Shopping for gifts

Two Days Later - At the Jonas Household in Wyckoff - Demi POV
Since Joe helped me get my album done, I have been able to focus on helping Mrs. Jonas and the girls plan the engagement party. It just going to be us, all of the Jonases, Andy, Jordie, Drew and Alyson, and myself. By the time Kevin and Trisha get back, Cody will have already left for 'Dancing With the Stars". I heard he got paired up with the Pro that won last two seasons. I think her name is Julianne Hough. And I don't think that Jordie is too happy about it. Cody dancing with a beautiful skinny blond. I don't blame her. I kinda got a little jealous when the rumors were going around that Joe and that Taylor Swift girl was together. They hung out a few times and went to each other's concerts. That's it, people. Oh, sorry about that, just needed to blow off a little steam. Ha ha! Anyways, back to the task at hand, planning the party.
So, today, we're going shopping for decorations and gifts. We all loaded into the Hybrid SUV that the boys had been given from Chevy for partnering with them to help promote going green. Once we got to the mall, Joe and I would get the stuff for the party, as well as a gift from us, while everyone else went to find gifts for the happy couple. "So, where to first?" Joe asked.
"How about Starbucks for a pick me up?"
"A woman after my own heart."
After we received our drinks, and purchasing the every thing we needed for the party, we started looking for our gift. "What are we going to get them?" Joe asked me.
After a few minutes of quiet thought, I finally said, "Well, we are celebrating their decision to be together, so why don't we get them something matching."
"You mean like his and her watches?" Joe replied.
"Joe, you're a genius! That's perfect! There's a jewelry store just up ahead." I gave him a kiss as we made our way to Zales. After looking around there and nothing was catching our eye so we started to look at every store to see what they had. Two hours later, Joe and I were about to give up but we saw that we were coming up on the Louis Vuitton store and saw Jordie and Cody walking out with their purchases. "Hey, what did you guys get?" I asked and they showed the the gift that they picked out. It was great. But we told them we would meet up later because we had the party stuffs finished and were still looking for a gift. 
"You should totally go in there. They have so much cool stuff, I'm sure that you two can find something" Jordie smiled and waved as she and Cody made their way to the food court, where we're supposed to meet up after we found our gifts. 
Once they were out of sight, Joe bowed and gestured into the store, "Shall we?" 
I took his arm and replied, "Yes, let's."
I saw a counter where they had their watches at and went straight for it. It was almost like they knew we were coming and knew what we were looking for, because as soon as we walked up to the counter, the watches were right there. "These are the ones, don't you agree?" I asked Joe, looking for his input. But, when I turned to look at him, he wasn't at my side. He was off, on the other side of the store, looking at something and there was a salesgirl desperately trying to flirt with him. I told the man behind the counter to wrap up the watches and I would be right back to pay for them. I walked over to Joe and placed my hand in his, hoping ditsy girl would get it and leave him alone. But, no, she didn't. Not only could she not flirt, she didn't have a brain in her head not to notice that we were together. What was I going to have to do, make out with him right in front of her. Even though, that's mighty temping, I just pull Joe away to pay for the watches. I swear I heard her gasp with astonishment when I whisked him away with out a word. I was almost tempted to tell her to back off and that he was mine.
"Demi? Hello?!?! Earth to Demi!!!" Joe was waving his had in front of my face trying to get my attention.
"Oh, sorry. You were saying?" I blushed.
"I was just asking about that mischievous grin you had on your face, what was that all about?"
Dang. "Oh, just a little surprise for Kevin and Trisha. I'll tell you later once I iron out all the wrinkles." I lied. "Now, let go pay for the watches and go." I pulled him towards the register.
"You picked them out already?"
"But, they're perfect! You'll love them! I promise."
Nick's POV
So Andy and I have been in several different stores and we just couldn't find the right gift. So, we decided to go to a bridal store. "Nick, I found it!' I heard Andy yell from the back of the store.
"Shh, girl. We're trying to keep a low profile here." I whispered in her ear as walked up behind her. "So, what did you find?"
She showed me a photo album. It had a silver cover and you were able to engrave on the top and bottom of the cover and put a photo in the cover."
"See? And we can fill it up with pictures of them, like ones from filming Camp Rock, where they met, to ones from the release party, where they got engaged, and everything in between. And for the cover, I got this really good shot of Kevin proposing to Trisha and I though we could put 'Kevin and Trisha' on the top and 'The beginning of a life with true love' on the bottom." She was so excited about this. I love it when she's really excited about whatever she is talking about. She'll start almost acting out what she is saying. Like, if she is rambling off a list, like she just did about the pictures, she'll count it off on her fingers. She had handed me the photo album as we headed up to the counter to pay. I was so lost in watching her, that I wasn't paying attention to where I was walking and I walked right into the counter. "Nick, are you okay?"
"Yeah, I'm fine. Let's just hurry up, I think I'm starting to get noticed." After I had paid for the album and the engraving, we went to the food court to get a bite to eat and to meet up with the others.
Jordie's POV
Cody and I spent a lot of time just walking and being together because he would be leaving soon. Cody was real quiet, like he was deep in thought. "Hey, whatcha thinking 'bout?" I asked, finally breaking the awkward silence.
"Huh? Oh, just thinking about how much I'm going to hate you not being able to be with me in Hollywood." he replied, placing a kiss on my head. I frowned. "What's wrong?"
"I wanted you to put that here." I pointed to my lips.
He smiled. "I think that I can fix that."
After an hour of just mindlessly wondering about the mall and sneaking kisses, we decided that we should look for a gift for Kevin and Trisha. As we walked past the Louis Vuitton store, I got an idea. "Come on, I have an idea." I said as I pulled Cody into the store."Whoa there, cuteness. Slow down." Cody laughed."Sorry, but when we walked by, I thought of a great gift." I grabbed a two similar messenger bags off a table, "Matching, monogrammed messenger bags. Kevin has one that he uses all the time and that way it cool and practical."
"That's sounds cool. Hey, I like the black one over there." He pointed to a black medium sized messenger bag with white, gray and sliver designs on it.
"Ooh. Nice choice, twinkle toes." I had been calling him that ever since we found out that he was going to be on the show. I gave him a quick kiss as I picked up the messenger bag and went looking for the matching one for Kevin. Cody had already went to the counter to ask if they had a matching one but just a bit bigger. I have to say that he has great taste. After the matching bag was found
 and the personalization was complete, we paid for the gifts. Well, actually Cody paid for them. He refused my offer to help pay. I finally caved when he had successfully got my wallet out of my hands and said that he couldn't allow me to help pay knowing that I didn't make much right now anyway. I wonder what he meant by 'not now'.
As we heading out to the food court, we were stopped by Demi and Joe. They were still looking for their gift. I told them to go in and that I was sure that they would find something. But, what no one else knows is, I over heard Demi and Joe as we passed by them earlier saying that they were looking for matching watches as a gift. So, while we were in Louis Vuitton, I looked at the watches and picked out a set that I just knew would be perfect for them and I told the man at the counter that if he saw a couple come in looking for matching watches and that matched the description I gave him, to put the watches in plain sight so Demi and Joe would see them, fall in love with them and buy them for their gift. As we walked away, I quietly giggled. "What was that about?" he inquired.
"Oh, just helping out a friend." I replied as looked back and saw Demi's face light up as she walked over to the watch counter. 
Drew's POV
We walked around for awhile contemplating what to get for Kevin and Trisha. Then, Aly gasped. "What?"
"That's it!!!" she squealed.
"What's it?"
"The perfect gift!!" she was smiling from ear to ear.
I waved my hand in front of her face, "Aly, care to elaborate?" I said, in an attempt to get her attention.
"Oh, yeah. Well, both Kevin and Trisha are musicians, so how about we get them matching guitars?"
"That's perfect! And I know which one to get." I grab Aly's hand and pull her toward a guitar shop. "Kevin showed me a guitar he really wanted and said that he was going to buy it in a few months and I know that this shop has a few of them." By this time, I had led her into the shop and in front of a vintage Rickenbacker. 
"Wow! That is so Kevin!!" Aly replied. So, after we purchased the guitars and a few items to go with them, like cases, extra string, and picks, we made our way to the food court and found everyone waiting on us.
"Hey guys, let's what we each got and make sure that we didn't get the same thing." I say as we walk up.
Demi held up a bag and said, "We got the matching Louis Vuitton watches."
Jordie held up a bigger bag and said, "Matching Louis Vuitton messenger bags."
Aly sat Trisha's guitar down, "We found them matching guitars." 
"Whoa! I would have never thought of that!" Joe exclaimed.
"Cool gift!" Nick said. "We got them a photo album with a silver cover with their names engraved on the front and we gonna fill the pages with pictures of them starting back at Camp Rock up until the release party."
"Awe! That's so sweet!!" The other girls responded in unison.  
"Okay, let's get out of here and head back to the house." Joe sighed.
"Awe, what's the matter? Is my pop star pooped out?" Demi said in a baby voice.
Joe puffed out his chest, "No! I'm just ready to go home." Everyone looked at him, knowing he was lying. "What? Okay, fine. Yes, I'm tired. I don't know what it is but shopping makes me sleepy." Everyone laughed as we headed toward the car.


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