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.::In The Dark::. .::Joe Jonas::.

Name: In The Dark
Author: Bruisesonmyneck(Loveishistory on Quizilla)
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Sadly i do not own anyone.
Note: This is supposed to be a one-shot but if people ask i would make a sequel and maybe a mini series. First fic in one hell of a long time.

Panting she was, racing down the streets as quick as she could, praying to God that she was in time. That it wasn’t too late just yet. She sped up a little more and raced around the corner. The streets were calm, not that this was very weird seeing it was 4 in the morning.


“This makes us invincible, I’m never letting you go.” He whispered smiling into my eyes. He just carved their initiasl with a heart into the tree where they both had just gotten their first kiss.

“You better not.” The little girl commented smiling. They hugged and he gently put his lips on hers.


Turning another corner to the left she looked up at the sky and saw dark clouds threatening to spill all of their water on her. She cursed under her breath right before the first drop his her on top of the head. “Just to make it more dramatic eh?” She said angrily.


“Nicholas! Where’s your brother? I promised to help him with his homework.” A 13 year old said while looking at a young Nicholas Jerry Jonas sitting on the couch in the living room of their two story house.

“Upstairs, and you mean let him copy your stuff, not help him.” He winked smartly and she grinned before running up the stairs to the oh so familiar room.

“Hey joey, here’s the stuff you needed.” She said while throwing her books near the boy. He grinned and grabbed pen and paper.


The house was nearly close enough to see. Just one more turn around the corner and it would be in sight. She felt the rain soak her clothes and she suppressed a shiver. Damn the weather in Jersey.


“We’re getting signed!” Joe Jonas yelled excitedly while running towards the 16 year old girl in his living room. “Disney liked us and they want us to record an album!” He threw his arms around her, hugging her closely. She suppressed a tear from spilling and she hugged him back.

“That’s great Joe, I’m happy for you.”


If only she had known at the time that being signed to Disney wasn’t all that great to the people around the three oldest brothers. Denise had just given birth to little Frankie and they would go to L.A. for God knows how long to record an album.


At 16 she had sat on Kevin’s bed listening to the three of them doing an acoustic version of a song they had written together. The first song, she believed in them, she knew they were going to make it.

Finishing she song she clapped her hands and stared at the three smiling faces. They were so in love with music that no matter how bad they would perform, anyone would love them for their intense passion.


Tears we’re slowly streaming down her face now along with the drops of rain. It had begun to rain harder, turning her lips slightly blue. She had trouble keeping up her speed now, heavy breaths escaping her lips. Turning the very last corner she saw a black van in front of the house.


Waking up from a heavy sleep she checked the clock. She should go back to sleep but something was holding her back. Her cell phone lit up and she grabbed it from her bedside table.


 Sorry for everything, you’ll understand soon enough. Love you, J.


Jumping out of her bed she ran down the stairs and grabbed her bike, not bothering to change out of her pyjama’s.


Dropping the bike into the front yard the door opened and revealed a very, very tired looking Kevin Jonas. His eyes widened at the sight of her and soon Joe appeared right behind him. She ran up to him, grabbed his face and pressed her lips to his.

“I am so in love with you Joe Jonas.” She whispered looking into his brown eyes. Tears were still streaming down her face and some were forming in his eyes.

“I love you too Roxanne Jane Wade.” He pressed his lips to mine. “Wait for me?”

“Always.” I whispered. He kissed me one last time before getting into the car and driving around the corner.



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