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Jordie - JoBrosCupcakeSwirl does not own any actual people performed in the movie Camp Rock or anything that has to do with Camp Rock, just the plot and her OC's! She also does not own any of the songs!
~Thanks, Jordie! On With The Show!
Camp Rock: Behind the Scenes and Beyond
Chapter 33 - The News is Out!!
The Next Day - Nick's POV
Even though we had a late night last night and me being the early riser that I am, I was up at 7. But, Joe was still passed out. I got up and took a shower and started getting ready for the day. After I set the coffee pot to brew, hoping the aroma would arouse my older brother, I got my laptop out to check the sites and e-mail. I open up the browser and I saw that all I had worked so hard for last night was all for nothing.
"Oldest Jonas Pops the question"
"Kevin's off the Market"
"Up and coming singer/songwriter and oldest Jonas Brother to tie the knot"
I can't believe it!! I run to wake up Joe. "Joe! Wake up!"
I hear him mumble from under his pillow, "What?"
"Joe, the press found out about last night!"
"So..." He pulled the pillow off his head and saw my face, "Oh, you mean about Kevin and Trisha?"
"Yeah! What are we going to do?"
"Call Dad. He'll know what to do." Joe yawned.
"Great idea!" I say as I go to get my cell from the other room.
I hit Dad's speed dial and started pacing as I waited for Dad to pick up.
"Good morning, Nick."
"Dad, we have a big problem."
"What happened?" I can hear the automatic worry added to the tone of his voice.
"The press got a hold of what happened last night. They know about Kevin and Trisha's engagement."
"Oh, that. That's not a problem." he replied nonchalantly.
"What? I figured that it would be a BIG problem!"
"Nick, calm down. Kevin assured me that he didn't care that the press knows about the engagement. Your mother and I talked to him. He knows the consequences."
"Dad, you sure about this?"
"Nick, it was your brother's decision."
"Okay, I just fell bad now."
"Why?" he asked.
"Well, after Kevin and Trisha left last night, I kinda made a speech asking everyone not to say anything."
I heard laughing on the other end of the phone. "Oh, Nick, it's okay. Stop worrying about it. Everything's going to be okay."
"Thanks, Dad. So, when are you guys coming back?"
"We're not. You guys are coming back home after today." 
"Yes! I can't wait to be back home. So, I'll see you guys tomorrow then?"
"Yes, tomorrow. See you then, son."
"Bye, Dad and thanks."

Trisha's POV 
I just had the most amazing dream. Kevin proposed and we're going to get married. I suddenly realize that Kevin's arm is wrapped round my stomach and the gorgeous
engagement ring on my hand. It wasn't a dream. It really did happen. I turn over to face Kevin who is still asleep with a smile on his face. His curls falling everywhere.  I lean up and give him a light kiss. He pulled me closer. I turned back over and lean back on Kevin. This feels so perfect, like nothing could go wrong. I soon fell back asleep.
Kevin's POV
She's so beautiful, just laying there in my arms, sleeping soundly. I laid a kiss on top of her head. She turns to look at me. "Good morning, my beautiful fiance."
She smiled. "Good morning to you, too." I lean down and pull her up to give her a kiss. We stayed like that for a few minutes. When she pulled away, "I wonder if you'll always do that to me."
"Do what?"
"Leave me breathless after we kiss."
"Well, I hope so." I leaned down and we kissed again. "So, you wanna go out for breakfast or order in?"
"Order in, most definitely." She snuggled up to me, signaling that she was content with where she was.
"Okay, have any idea what you want?" I ask.
After a few minutes later, she responded,"I want eggs, grits, bacon, and toast." I gave her a confused look. "What? I was born and raised in Georgia. I'm a southern girl to the core. And I'm craving my favorite breakfast." she replied, defensively.
I smiled. "I love it when my girl knows what she wants and is willing to fight for it." I gave her a quick kiss before I grabbed the phone to call in our order.
Later that day - Demi's POV
"Okay, so what are you guys going to do since Kevin's gone with Trisha on their engagement trip?" I ask.
"We're on vacation, too, except we're just going home to wind down from the tour." Joe replied.
"Well, when are you leaving for Jersey?" I ask.
"Tomorrow afternoon. We have an radio interview in the morning, then back to home sweet home," he happily replied.
"Oh," I sighed.
"What's wrong?"
"Well, I have to stay here to put the finishing touches on my album." The line was quiet for a few seconds, "Joe, are you still there?"
"Yeah, what are you doing right now?"
"Just hanging out with the girls, why?"
"I'll be right there." And the line went dead.
"What was that all about?" Jordie asked.
"I don't know, but I think that Joe will be here in a minute, so I better get ready." I ran to the bathroom.
Switch to Andy's POV
Just as soon as Demi got into the shower, there was a knock at the door. Alyson got the door. "Hey, Joe. You're gonna have to wait a few minutes. Demi's in the shower."
"Perfect." he replied with a huge smile on his face. "I need to talk to you guys before Demi comes out." We all went to the living area of our suite as Joe told us his plan. "You guys don't have any plans for the next couple of weeks, do you?" We all said no and Joe continued. "Okay, So Nick and I have an interview in the morning and then we have to go home back to Jersey. But, I talk to my parents and they said that all of you could come with us, but Demi said she had to finish her album be fore she could come, so we are going to work in the studio today and get as much done as we can and we'll finish it at our studio in Jersey. I talked to her producer and he's coming down to help since it going to be a surprise for Demi. Then, once we get home tomorrow, we're going to start planing a surprise engagement party for Kevin and Trisha when they get back from Hawaii at the end of the month."
We all cheered except for Jordie. "What's wrong Jordie?" I ask.
"Cody won't be able to stay long."
"Why?" Joe asked.
"He got chosen to be on 'Dancing with the Stars'." She replied.
"Why aren't you excited for him? That actually sounds like fun." Alyson replied.
"I was until I found out that he has to be in Hollywood until either he gets voted off, which I don't want that to happen, or until the finale in November."
"How would you like to go to the first week of competition?" Joe replied.
"How? I can't afford to fly to LA, much less buy the tickets for the show." Jordie defensively.
"First week of competition is the week after Kevin and Trisha get back and guess who performing on results night?"
"Yep, and we'll all go to support Cody."
Jordie jumped up and gave Joe a huge hug. "You're the best, Joe." 
Demi walked in on the scene and asked, "What's going on in here?" Jordie jumped.
"Oh, I was just giving Joe a thank you hug." she replied, blushing a little for hugging one of her best friend's boyfriend.
"A thank you hug?" Demi asked confused.
"Don't worry about that now, we have to go!" Joe replied.
"Go? Where?"
"You'll see. Let's go." Joe replied as he pulled and we pushed Demi out the door.
Trisha's POV
After a wonderful breakfast, Kevin told me to get ready and to get all packed that we were leaving. "Leaving? Where are we going?" I ask.
"Can't tell it's a surprise. Now go get ready." was all he would tell me, so I gave up and did as he said.  Once dressed and packed, we went down to the lobby checked out and got in the limo. "You can't tell me anything?" I said as we rode in the limo.
"Okay, I'll tel you where the limo is taking us. We're heading to the airport." That really peaked my interest.
"Kevin, were are we going?"
A few hours later...
I was standing in the plane with a blindfold on. "Kevin, is this really necessary?"
"Yes. I don't want you to see anything until we get to the place that we are staying."
"Well, how am I supposed to get off the plane? I can't see to.. whoa!" Kevin picked me up bridal style and carried me out of the plane and down the stairs to the awaiting car that would take us to our destination. I can just see the grin on Kevin's face. "Problem solved."
Another hour later...
Kevin had set me down on what felt like a lounge chair. I could feel the breeze blowing my hair. "Kevin, where are we?"
"Well, future Mrs. Jonas, welcome to Paradise." He removed the blindfold to reveal that we were sitting on a beach with a gorgeous view of the sunset. He had rented out a cabin on a secluded beach for us for the next three weeks.
If this is just for us to get a way for our engagement, I can't wait to see our honeymoon.


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